Not everyone has the same idea of a dream home. In fact, it would be absolutely terrifying if everyone did. When you are looking to buy a home it really helps to define what you want. Do you HAVE to have certain things/amenities? Are there specifications you would LIKE to have? What will you NOT deal with in a home? Make a list.

            We have made a commitment to help you find the home you want. However, we will have a hard time doing so if you can’t tell us what it is you want. By sitting down and considering the kinds of things you’re really looking for, you can save a lot of time and frustration by avoiding houses that aren’t for you.

            Here are some good ideas to think about: Home type? Price Range? # of Bedrooms? # of Bathrooms? Garage type? Finish sq. foot min.? Preferred area? Absolutely not area? Interior features? Lot features?

Do you love to entertain? Pets? Need fences? Big furniture that is moving with you?  Big bedroom set? Gramma’s piano? That bar from France?  (yes – I’ve dealt with all of these…) Outside people? Love a deck or not so much? Need a guest room? Special hobbies that need a special space?

            Analyze what your life looks like or what you want it to look like in your new home and consider anything that will make you happy (or won’t make you happy).

Now that you’ve detailed your ideal home it’s time to put your priorities in order. What is the most important thing for you, and what areas can you compromise?


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