At Mindful Living Realty we use a Six Week Marketing program that drives our results time and time again!


Week 1: Listing Online

                For Week One, it is important to get going right out of the gates. We get your home up on as many property listing websites as possible. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the big one since its how all the agents in the area know your home is for sale. Zillow, Trulia,, and BHMLS will all import the information from our MLS. We will also get it up on Craigslist, just to make sure all of our bases are covered.

                But of course that’s not all we will do right away. We will have a Facebook post advertising the listing, and an email blast to all the agents in the area. This way your home gets seen by as many people as possible in just the span of a week.


Week 2: Open House

                Week two is all focused around the Open House. The Open House is an important event for selling your home as it gets potential buyers at the physical location looking at the home, and starting to establish an emotional bond. It starts with yet another Facebook Post advertising it, which gets boosted and shared! We also list the Open House on listing sites like the MLS, Zillow, Trulia and others.


Week 3: Video and Blog

                By the third week we are putting out the personal touch by releasing a custom video of the home. We take our time putting together a video that will attract potential buyers. Accompanying the video is a blog post that highlights the features of your home, allowing potential buyers to read and watch to learn about your home! Same as everything else we put it on as many social media channels as possible.


Week 4: Google Adwords

                In Week Four, we change the focus up some. We look out of town buyers looking to move with some advertising straight from Google. Your home will show up with text and image ads on Google searches such as: Rapid City Homes for Sale, Rapid City Real Estate, Homes for Sale in Rapid City, and more…


Week 5: Personal Touch

                In the fifth week we put out more personal touches.  This time your home gets featured in our monthly Service for Life Newsletter and another Facebook post! We like to use these to make an emotional connection between your home and the potential buyers seeing the advertising.


Week 6: Price Reduction

                Week 6 is the end of the cycle. If we haven’t received an offer by now its time to lower the price! We will get all the paperwork squared away then back to more advertising. “New Price” Facebook post and Email blasts sent out. Plus, a fancy Price Reduced Sign if applicable.

                The best part about the cycle is that it never ends! Once we go through all six weeks we restart back at Week 1!